How we grow your sales

Awesome Website

It all starts with your website.  Electric Villages will update or redesign your website to communicate your vision, products and most of all, attract customers by providing enticing offers and capturing customer data for sales followup.  Your website should quickly communicate your message and describe to the viewer how you can benefit them.  We use the latest website building tools such as WordPress and Drupal to provide a website that is quick to load, secure, and displays well on all devices and platforms.

Build Awareness

We work with your team to establish where you’ve had success, where you’d like to have success, what your sales process is, and we then integrate that with our own strategies of sales success to establish a clear path to reach new and profitable customers, and build business with your current clients.  This may be a combination of banner advertising, search engine optimization, social media posts and advertisements.

Sales Automation

Your sales processes may be running perfectly, or they may have room for improvement.  We meet with your team and provide a clear path of what your areas of improvement could be, and we then document the process and get to work on a digital program to automate the sales process.  Starting with the web form to capture the contact information, we establish a clear sales process that will take sales prospects through the ‘sales funnel’ to end up with a well matched sale that will make your customer happy, and your bottom line improved.

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